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January 2018
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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


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Despite my rantings of the rain and feeling meh, I did in fact run after writing yesterday’s post. And my God it was glorious. It wasn’t particularly fast. But I was out there. And right before I decided to go, I also decided to go ahead and go for a seven mile run. I had the time, the weather seemed to be holding and I knew the feeling during and afterwards would be delicious.

So I did. I got myself ready and got myself out there. And wouldn’t you know, the sun began to shine as I did. Coincidence? I think not. I think beautifully timed. It was a little encouragement from Mother Nature or the Universe saying YES, you’re out here, here you go!

And again, as always, that feeling came along. The one that is so much more pure ME. When I’m running, yes, I feel empowered, powerful, capable, light, engaged, excited, creative, happy. And more ME than anything else. It’s like I “met” me again. Again and again and again. Why would I ever not want that feeling? Why would I ever deny myself the beauteousness of that feeling? It was so clean, so pure, so incredible.

And I kept running. It was my endurance run, no speed work. And I committed to other things on the run. And thought about so many items in my current life’s iteration of activities. And felt inspired by a number of different things. And what’s cool is to bear witness to myself, to the journey that run in and of itself was. Where I was and what I was thinking and feeling at mile one was significantly different than at mile five. The energy, the thoughts, the ideas – all moving. Momentum.

Perhaps knowing the incredible nature of all that running brings, that’s why the frustration level when I don’t run, for whatever reason, can get so loud and boisterous. And I know that every run is unique, every run is special, every run is the only run like that. Just like I will never get today again, I’ll never get that run again, that feeling attached to that run exactly like that again.

That’s why I keep running, keeping the commitment as strong as I can, and the longing to always come back to that feeling because I know it’s all a gift and it’s my choice to keep the integrity of it all.

Re-inspired yet again to get out there. Despite feeling like hell, from a lady perspective, right now, I have a some gnar gnar hill repeats to go tackle, in the *pouring* rain, and this time, despite a couple incredibly good reasons to ixnay, based on yesterday’s run, I’m getting back out there.

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