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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


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It could be used an excuse, all the travel I do right now. Oh, I can’t get my regular routes in, my training is “off”, I am tired, I don’t have access to my routine.

I say BS, bring on the travel! And here’s why: because I’m a strong believer in cross training, traveling practically enforces that I, in fact, cross train.

When I travel, I seek out new routes to run – whether a new hill or a quick short burst somewhere. As well, if I’m in a hotel, I have sudden access to all sorts of machines and training ability I don’t at home. So I’ll do a hard 30 minutes on an elliptical or go for my old treadmill routine, kicking up the speed and incline. And, I’ll do weight and strength training workouts with bigger weights or hop on or use equipment I don’t have at home. Hanging abs, Bosu ball burpees, squats/lunges/deadlifts oh my! with bigger weights, bicep/shoulder/triceps work with bigger weights and a bench with which to support me well. These are all things I can do at a gym that I can’t do at home. So, traveling? That works for me.

And sure, there are some hotel gyms that have FAR less equipment for me to play with. In that case, like a recent trip to Vermont that had me in an airport hotel for a night and had a broken elliptical and no weights to utilize. I hopped on the treadmill for a bit, tried a stair master which I don’t normally attempt, and did enough to shake off the plane rides and feel refreshed and ready to go for my day.

As well, sometimes travel is a way to take a break. During said trip to Vermont, I had two days of work where I didn’t do any specific workout. I walked a lot, and when I got to play a little, it was walking around, taking in the sights. And that was enough for me. Knowing we sometimes need to take breaks from our training and routines, I let myself have this without being obsessive about “must get a a run in!” That’s not how I want to live nor how I want to move through the world, especially if it takes time away from quality time with a dear friend who I haven’t seen in a while – I don’t want to spend my time in a gym and not creating memories with a friend and in a place I’ve never been.

Another beautiful aspect to all this travel is when I’m home. I get motivated by two different things. One, if I’ve come back from a trip where perhaps I chose not to do hard workouts or a lot of workouts (even skipping my You Can At Least routine), I will feel super compelled to get a run in and get right back on the training routine. The last few trips I’ve had, I returned back home in early afternoon – enough time to get a 3 mile hilly hike behind my house in. And when done, while dark, I have multiple routines I can do in my house. It’s like hitting a reset button for being back home and shaking off the travel. And, I “get” to look forward to my home routines.

And, when I have a trip coming up, and perhaps a three day or five day spell where I’m home, I’m super motivated to get a certain number of workouts in each day and know what I want to accomplish for the days I’m in town. This could mean hiking each day when the weather is good, it could mean oh, three days in town? Okay, I’ll run three days in a row! And it could mean making sure I do one of each: my jumprope/medicine ball routine I created, the pilates mat routine, weighted arms, all around plyometric workout and the intense glute workout. And how many abs am I able to get in with equipment I may not have access to for a few days or week? (aka my medicine ball and stability ball) I find I sort of enjoy squishing a number of workouts I know work for me into a few days – and plus, if I’m able to do that, I don’t get stressed or mind if I miss a few days while traveling.

It really sets the schedule for me for the days I’m in town and leading up to a trip – I stay on course to get the workouts in on the off chance I don’t get to do as much while traveling AND I’m keeping up my training. I like the structure it gives to my days while home, building my schedule around the workouts.

This may sound too scheduled or structured to some people, but really it’s quite reasonable. I’m not trying to hit a gym at 5am every morning, and have the flexibility to get my run and hiking in around sunset time (which is earlier at this time of year.) And it’s FAR from obsessive – the times I’m able to release and let go and be okay not getting a workout in is frequent. Some weeks have a lot of running, some don’t, and they’re all okay. Because I trust the foundation to bounce back from low workout weeks and to support for when I can kick it up a notch.

So if you use traveling as an excuse to not train or train at a lower level, stop. Try embracing the travel as a way to break up the routines you do at home, as well as push yourself to get a certain number of workouts done before you take off and to gain access while traveling to equipment and workouts you wouldn’t normally get to do as a way to enhance your training. And when you get home from a trip, leave the travel at the door, let go of what you did/didn’t do while traveling and get those shoes back on and go for a run to get your “you” back.

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