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"Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little." ~Cheng Yen


PostHeaderIcon Their First Half Marathon

SO proud of and for, and happy for, my beautiful friend Judy P Neufeld. She just ran her first half marathon, with her amazing husband Nathan. Something they’d been work towards for six+ months. One we’d had multiple conversations about. One they were supposed to run a few weeks ago. But ran today.

See, they’d put all this hard work, training, sweat and determination into a very special weekend where family and friends came into town and everyone was super excited for. The build up was awesome. And then because of inclement (read: possible lightening) weather, the race got called. Well, truncated. To seven miles. Imagine, working so hard for so long and so committed to something big to you, and have completely outside your control circumstances throw it all off. And disappointed they were. I get it. I even tried, clumsily, to acknowledge that 7 miles is still an major accomplishment, encourage them that any finish line is still a finish line. And, I get it. Luckily I’ve never had a DNF, and certainly not one that was because of weather or course issues. My heart hurt for them, feeling so bummed about and let down by it all. And probably no one would’ve blamed them if they said f’ it, not running for a while, maybe next year. 

Not them. They allowed themselves to feel the frustration and sadness and then turned their disappointment into renewed determination to get their first half finish line done in 2015. And so they took a couple weeks off, while finding another race near home to run, dusted off their barely-rested running shoes and trusted their foundation to get ready quickly (all while in the midst of a redonkulously busy schedule of getting an MBA, work, travel, life) for the half they DID just complete. A few hours ago.

And it is glorious and they’re thrilled and yes, hooked. There is nothing like the camaraderie of race day, the energy of it all, the feeling of belonging and accomplishment. That finish line that no one can take from you, that you crossed entirely by doing the hard work yourself and putting one foot in front of the other. Running world, we got another one! And these are joyful enthusiastic lovers of the sport. We’re lucky to have them.

Congratulations Judy and Nathan, so happy for you – the smiles on your happy faces, the delight in your eyes say it all. You did it! Your unflinching determination, and enthusiasm, to make your half happen this year is remarkable, inspiring, and motivating. Thank you for reminding all runners the JOY of running. You are my hero! ‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎worthit‬ ‪#‎rockstar‬

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