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January 2018
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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon SUNday SUNday SUNday!

A week from today, I will be running in my 30th half marathon. What? How is that even possible? What the what?


What is it that I know I need to do today?  I need to do some core work, some strength work. And I need to get one last endurance run in. But I’ve decided to have a quiet morning before my once-in-a-blue-moon trip to Unity. There’s a guest speaker I’m curious about and so, let’s go. Always willing to hear someone new. And. I do sometimes wonder, is it good to be this curious? Meaning, curiosity is, to me, critical for a life well=lived. Not exploring, not expanding, not staying curious means not evolving and I certainly am not fully evolved and don’t really trust a lack of attempt to evolve. And, I sometimes feeling like I keep searching, like THIS one will give the answer, THIS one be THE one that illuminates THE turning thought for me etc.

That said, I want to see what he has to say. It definitely is key to “stay in the study” of this work. Really, if you go to a gym and work on your biceps, after a month do you go “ok, I’m good, they’ll look and feel like this forever now!” Ha, sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Same thing on personal development and self-growth – it’s not a one and done, it’s a continual study and advancing exploration.

Anyway, I know that I have the ability to have a day out, fully showered and made up and dressed up, and come home to do a run and/or a good workout. And, to be sure, it’s also much easier to ixnay it, delay or dismiss all together when all put together because the effort, OH GOD, the effort (tongue in cheek) of shifting gears mentally and clothing-ly is such a pain! 😉

So, I trust that I will get the run in, the last endurance run before the big race. Placing a time limit on how long to be out, the latest I will be home is 3:30. Well, things shift and decisions made and I’m actually home before 2pm. Even time to get a wee nap in (been doing that again a lot lately) before truly committing to the run.

And I do, I time it right and plan it right and even though it does take a little oomph on my part to get me moving, I get out the door. I just want to be out there for a while. And, I’ve planned it to be able to take the dog on a nice long brisk walk afterwards, keep my heart rate up and legs moving. Almost like doing the elliptical after an intense treadmill session to mimic the amount of time my body is working in a half marathon.

And it all happens. The eight-mile run. The three plus mile brisk walk following and some core work. I don’t feel amazing, I know I’m dragging a bit, BUT again, I did it, cleared my head and got ‘er done.

The dog provides awesome motivation to get out now that the weather seems to be a little less aggressive. The very act of getting ready for a run these last few days has fantastically coincided with the sun breaking through. I’m happy with the last four days of taking care of myself and prepping for this half. The nerves for being in SF haven’t helped the fueling of my body, but I can point to the effort made and achieved in keeping the momentum going and feeling decent about this upcoming race!

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