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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


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Someone really gets me! Heck, a whole business does!

As I’m making my way through the Rock n Roll Savannah Expo for my next half marathon (27th in 3.5 years to be exact), I’m feeling a particular sense of anxiety unlike I’ve felt before. Between taking much longer for my calves to heal and therefore not running hardly at all since LA two weeks ago (oh, and some weariness from travel), I don’t feel all that…ready for this race. Kind of feeling like I’m going to be winging it as best I can. And yet, I don’t want to walk or drag my average finish time down either. So, I’m feeling at home in an expo but also nervous, like, can I really do this one?

I have a great start to the Expo – I find a whole box of salted caramel GU to purchase and end up running into and talking with Josh from Newton Running. Josh as in the guy along with Nick my mom, sister and I met at the Newton booth in Miami in December 2011. And he remembered me! Oh right, the blogger, all those half marathons! How cool is that? And he guided me to which shoe I should wear for this race (NOT the MV3 again…) which was incredibly informative and eased the anxiety a little.

And then I stepped into an oasis of understanding. Lift Your Soul. The first phrase I saw, on a t shirt, was “If I have to explain to you why I run, you wouldn’t understand” and from there I was captivated. Amazing phrases on the back of the shirt to underscore the love of running, and then another one about being a badass that was uplifting and empowering too. And then, a section of Wonder Woman items! I was mesmerized – I’d never seen it put forth quite like this. Sure, I’ve seen all the jokey items about running for wine or running 13.1 means I’m only half as crazy and all sorts of other stickers and magnets and shirts. But this, this was different.

Even the pendants were awesome – no glitter or rhinestones, no self disparaging words written in jest, no specific race listed, again, great phrases and support. A footnotes book. A bracelet. Picture paintings with images of runners outside and inspirational quotes. A section of wooden plaques with THE most incredible phrases like “There will be days I don’t if I can do a half-marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing that I have” and “Trade sweetness for STRENGTH, trade doubt for BELIEF, trader fear for COURAGE, trade Running for Nothing” and “If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience another life, run a half-marathon” and so many others.

Wow. This was all the right combination of support, inspiration and sisterhood. And then I spoke with Shanna and Laura, the two wonderful women representing Lift Your Sole and they asked about my story. When I shared this will be my 27th half marathon in 3.5 years after being told I’d never run again, Shanna got goosebumps. Literally – I could see the hairs on her arm suddenly stand up! She said she was so amazed and inspired by my story, and that she must let her boss know. They wanted my website and contact info and want to connect more with me. This is a response I’d always thought would be generated by sharing this story of mine. The energy of the connection was awesome.

It wasn’t an ego stroke or sunshine up my a@# or false promises. It was a couple of women representing a company that together understood the profundity of my journey and potential for inspirational impact. Wow. Yes. And yes again! I purchased some t-shirts and the footnotes book (little book of running quotes) and a pendant that says 13.1 miles of heart to wear when I run. I thought of others, specific words or My Race My Pace or other fun ones, but given that I aim to live life from my heart and connect with others from my heart and stay in my heart and out of my head as much as possible including when I run, it seemed the absolute best one to purchase.

So, a HUGE thank you and abundance of gratitude to Lift Your Soul – you gave me something in this trip for this marathon I didn’t realize anymore I’d been missing and for that, appreciation abounds. Words don’t do justice for how you’ve made me feel and I’m excited to go out and run this race, and knowing you exist makes it that much sweeter.

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