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"Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little." ~Cheng Yen


PostHeaderIcon Race #41 (never thought I’d type that!)


As half marathon #41 is barely in the rearview mirror and #42 is barreling down the road towards me in four days, taking a moment to appreciate the 10/10 Brooklyn ‪#‎RnR‬ experience.

*Two races in a row I get to connect as we’re walking to gear check and the start with a woman who happens to mention she’s running her FIRST half marathon. Amanda, you rock. You were nervous, and excited – I asked her why she was running it. “I got out of a bad relationship and wanted a goal, something to train for.” I gave her a big hug. And told her how awesome it’s going to feel, no one can take it from her (not even said relationship), and the sense of accomplishment and empowerment she’s going to feel at the end will carry her forward to her next great step. She teared up and we hugged. I’m bummed I forgot to get her phone number, only her bib number and there was no service at the end to check on her, cheer her in but I hope she had an amazing experience. And I hope to meet up with lots of first time half marathoners at all my races – it’s a pretty dang cool way to get inspired and support others.

*Brooklyn – beautiful course, much through Prospect Park. Seriously, wow. Brooklyn may have suddenly and unexpectedly become the top contender for half marathon #50 next Fall. Scouting in earnest now and it may have just happened. Great course, big crowds, hot cops everywhere (okay, security was important), lotso of support.

*First time ever, went through a security detector after dropping gear bags. Lots of cops and dogs all over too. Makes sense and actually surprised that #41 is the first time I experience this. And also first time ever, race started 35 minutes later than scheduled because of extra security and securing roads and doing extra safety sweeps. Necessary, efficient, and well done. (There were people moaning and groaning and vowing to complain on the survey. And yes, my muscles and system were ready to go, and then got cold and weren’t so ready. And it’s all part of it. Plus they already know the issues, I don’t need to pile on. I’m looking for what went right, what the intention was, how awesome it was.) Oh yeah, this was the Inaugural one in Brooklyn – pretty seamless given that!

*And yes, given the very delayed start and how I’ve gotten it down to the minutes for how my run goes, I would’ve beat my May San Diego time which means I would’ve hit a 2012 finish time, but for a porta potty break. It was a flat, fast course and I was excited to be running it. And, without that finish time and knowing where that 1:17 is, I feel pretty motivated to still hit my goal times (just probably not in Denver…)

*Weird factoid but this was the best looking group of runners I’ve ever seen. Whoa. Like central casting put out a call for runners and they swarmed. I also may have just been delirious from time zone issues and two nights of no sleeping. ‪#‎zombie runner‬.

*Wearing my ‪#‎TeamRWB‬ tank again and on a long out and back, a guy is also in a Team RWB shirt. He’s about two miles behind me so we pass each other perfectly, and we wave in recognition and support. It’s seem small and insignificant but it’s actually amazing – the instant camaraderie and support of ‘go for it!’ and then seeing him the second time similarly on Ocean and the delight of familiarity upon seeing each other lifted my feet. Our mutual big smiles upon seeing each other again gave me a burst of energy up a little crest. Love love love that.

*Around mile 12, after the big long hill through mile 11, I hear some high pitched wheezing, someone struggling for air in their lungs. I look around, wondering who might need help. Then I see other people looking around. However, they’re all looking at me. Suddenly I realize that high pitched wheeze is coming from me. Hmmm. Yet a half mile or so later, new invigoration of strength grace and speed surges through. This running thing never ceases to fascinate me.

*Brandon Marshall. Wide Receiver for the NY Jets. Yes, he ran it. I swear he was practically dressed like Rocky with full grey sweatsuit and a fedora. Yes, fedora. We cheered him in. And this girl beat him by more than 45 minutes. Ok fine, so he’s a professional football player and *probably* has other things going on. And I still get to say it. 😉 (was super gracious and engaging with people too!)

*Got to see Tracy Sundlun, co-founder of the Rock n Roll Series (Elite Racing and Competitor Group moreover.) Deeply grateful for ALL he’s done for the sport.

*Post-race headliner: Nate Ruess – amazing. If you haven’t seen him live in concert, go soon. Brilliant voice (amazing recorded, and even more incredible live – no auto tuning there) and someone who so clearly loves what he’s doing. Love seeing that. Infectious and yes…fun. Seriously, check him out. I was 20 feet away.
And so, I now face something I’ve never done – a half marathon one week after I just ran a half marathon. And in mile high altitude no less. But, I’m excited to see what this ol’ bod might be capable of at the moment. Whatever comes, it will be an experience. And certainly chock full of Finish Line Moments.

P.S. Pretty sure there’s nothing to recommend walking an hour from dinner in NY back to my hotel after a long lovely dinner with dear friends but it was a beautiful weather night in NYC and I wasn’t about to jump on the subway to tempt fate at another hour stuck underground, between stops, no air…

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