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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon Oh hello there!

No, no April Fool’s joke. This was real. Suddenly, last night, without warning, nerves!

Nerves for the upcoming race. Nerves about have I run enough, am I lean enough to run how I like to run (or moreover, clean enough – is my system clean enough to take on the endurance aspect or have I used too much sugar, not enough real nutrients…) Nerves for how it will feel doing the hills that are inevitable in San Francisco. Nerves about being in San Francisco. First time in six months, first time since all my stuff moved to a 10×8 storage unit. Nerves.

Not that nerves are all bad. Funny enough, I told my mom “oh, wow, I think I have nerves about the race! they just showed up!” and she replied “well, isn’t that a good thing? don’t you find that works for you?”

So there’s that. And. It’s true. It means I do, in fact, still care. There is no boredom, no weariness, no over-it-ness. True, it’s been 2.5 months since my last race, and I don’t always think that’s a good thing. I like have a strong race season to plan for and through. Keeps me on it. But. I also think a bit of a break after an October-November-December-January race is a very good thing. So, we’ll see. We’ll see how this race goes. I’m definitely not where I want to be clean system wise or strength wise. And I have big plans to get ready for a May 18 race.

But until then. I will embrace and enjoy these nerves for Sunday’s race. I have a packed schedule to see friends while in the Bay Area AND I will make time to rest and reflect to ensure an awesome race experience.

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