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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon OH EM GEE RAIN!

Ok, really I guess I should be saying that to myself but for the LOVE OF GOD and ALL THINGS HOLY STOP RAINING!

This coming from the runner who not to long ago posted righteously about PNWers having no problem running in the rain. Maybe it’s the cleansing of my system that’s making me tired and unmotivated cause usually a race will motivate the heck out of me. Sure, I’m feeling slightly apprehensive about being in SF/Bay Area but that can’t be this, can it?

UGH. This rain will not stop. And the few times it does is either right as I’m about to eat or done eating, meaning, no way can I go for a run then. Beyond frustrated and mad. Mad at the rain, made at myself, mad at some seriously bad timing on my part. Bad timing in my days to not get a run in (yes, I’m about to go workout like a fiend, in doors and dry, for an hour, but it is most definitely not the same nor what I need for 11 days before a race) and bad timing with a race around the corner.

Perhaps I should set some intentions. Before I fly to SF next Thursday, I will get two long runs in, at least two speed sessions in (can be included in long run), two hill repeat workouts and eight straight days of core and/or leg workout and/or arm/shoulder workout and/or run-supporting strength training. Today is Wednesday. This takes me to next Wednesday. I pledge to do these workouts in the rain, no matter what. And to plan my days to adjust for rainstorms and adjust schedules on the fly, which includes eating lighter until the run is in. This along with eating healthier and no sugar or alcohol has GOT to make the SF race enjoyable.

Right now, honestly? Can’t say I’m looking forward to it. That makes me sad. And it’s so not me. Especially now, with where I’m at. I need energy that infuses my confidence and enjoyability factor. Part of that is doing well and of course, feeling good throughout it. And that includes being able to prep effortlessly and ease-fully. And joyfully. I need a spark of inspiration and motivation – far too easy right now to hunker down to get calls, emails and work done. Thankfully it’s interesting and fun AND I NEED TIME in my day, that includes lack of or light rain to get my run in! Waaahaaaha.

This is how a runner whines. The whiner runner. Whiney runner. Boo hiss. Seriously, the whining is actually cracking me up right now as I write this. This too shall pass. It always certainly does. I know the ability to remain firm with my mind and my schedule rests with, well, me. And let’s all admit that the rain and therefore not running isn’t just what affects the mood, it’s also the rain itself and days on end of it and the gray. Psst, Sonoma, how’s it going???

So, here it is, 6:02pm on Wednesday. I’m going to workout. Work up a sweat. Let today’s run go. (argh, too many days in a row I’ve done that, which would normally be ok with me, but not 11 days out!) And reset, recommit and relaunch tomorrow with a run. Thank God I get up at 5am to get everything done in a day. Oh wait, I haven’t. Another day sans a run.

Ok, enough. Stop. If you truly believe everything happens for a reason, then this did or does too which means for whatever reason I am not supposed to go for a run today and tomorrow, yes, I can get my run on. Gonna happen. Trust. Faith in the system. Faith in myself. Faith in my body.

Rain rain go away…

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