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January 2018
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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon How does it all fit in?

Never have I been so happy it’s a taper week, given my schedule. Which means, I’m glad I don’t have to fit a bunch of runs or training in this week – cause I don’t have the time! Can’t find the time or the energy. What? So it just happens to be soooper helpful that race NUMBER FIVE is on Sunday, so I had to pull back this week anyway. Funny thing is – woke up Monday and Tuesday so very jazzed for the race. That’s usually a great indication for how the race will stack up for me – I’ll get enough rest, have the motivation I’m looking for, eat right the week leading up and pay close attention to what my body needs. Be aware.

But overwhelmed by client work (I know, I asked for it, but it’s still a lot) and figuring out a new-ish schedule, and new types of training and frankly spreading myself a bit thin has left me gasping for air, like a thirsty man in the desert. Now my excitement about a race this weekend isn’t just about the run, the expo, the course, the people, the crowds, the endorphin rush – it’s also about the ability to get away from it all, have an hour and a half all to myself, nobody needing anything from me, just carved out time to move my body, get in a zone, feel the rhythm, work the groove of the asphalt in conjunction with the sway of my body. And that, I definitely can’t wait for.

What else I can’t wait for – just started working with a nutritionist who also specializes in coming back from injury and sports preparation. And when I told him I wanted to run December’s 11th and final race in Miami in 1:35 – no hesitation, no raised eyebrow, no smirk, just a straightforward “oh, we can do that, that’s not much at all – we’re going to make some real adjustments and make it happen.” Oh happy day – I can’t wait to see the increased energy, the even quicker recovery, the minutes shaving off my time. Bring it on, Sam!

So, how does it all fit in? No idea. I’m taking it one day at a time, just asking for a little guidance and a lot of support, finding some within, some surrounding. And in a whole new way, looking forward to a little downtime meditation during my up tempo race. Yeah, it makes sense to me!

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