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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon Happy shock

Day after race.  Expected to sleep not so well, restless in the morning.  And then IT happens.  The first time I swing my legs over the bed and gingerly put my feet to the floor.  Oh my, muscles stagnant all night?  Barely moving?  Any lactic acid just pooling somewhere in my muscles?  Ugh.  Never a big fan of the feeling.  Usually takes a step before it all travels literally from the heel of my foot, up the back of my calf, through my hamstrings and quads to my lower back and holy stiff everything.

But wait.  What’s this?  Nada?  Zilch?  Nothing?  Let me try that again.  Swing legs over bedside.  Feet hit ground – shouldn’t they at least be sore?  Nope.  Ok, take a few steps.  Bracing myself for cramped tight calves.  Not so much.  How about the hammys?  No?  Just a little stiff.  That’s it.  And it’s probably from the two flights and endless hours on BART.

What the what?  How did I manage this?  Hmmm, did I run a two hour half and just not exert that much?  Maybe not giving myself enough credit for how I trained, what I ate, how I prepped, my post race ritual?

Ok.  Seriously.  This is nearly the complete opposite of how I felt in December.  When I could barely move and slowly stepped around my house for a day.  Hell, I could go for a run now.

I’m in shock. Happily.  Clearly I don’t want the pain or stiffness or soreness, and am thrilled beyond English verbage feel this way.  Now to figure out what I did so I can do it again!

Didn’t take a nap post race.  Didn’t stretch. Least amount of walking post race in four half marathons.  Only iced one knee for five minutes.  Ate well – orange half, water and a chocolate Honey Milk.  Downed that.  Even driving back to Kelly’s house for a half hour in the car – totally prepared to be stiff.  Nothing.  Nearly hopped out no problem.  Covered my legs in Biofreeze Performance.  I did have a couple Tecates.  Maybe it’s true what they say – Tecate’s Good for the Body?  Had enough carb/salt/protein post race.  But mostly relaxed without actually laying down, and ate light.  Ah – I know!

It was the trampoline!

Ok, maybe not.  But something was different.  And I want to know what!  Really, could it be the Honey Milk?  Could it be not laying down?  Whatever it is, I’ll take it.  And then some.  Here’s to the next race recovery being right on par.

And… oh yeah.  A new PR.  1:47:04.  Wasn’t even trying for one.  And yes, I can easily trace exactly where those four+ seconds were spent that could’ve had me breaking 1:46.  Next one…

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