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"Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little." ~Cheng Yen


PostHeaderIcon Getting ready for #41 – Brooklyn, Baby!

No sleep till Brooklyn! The first of 3 half marathons in the next 4 weeks. Never attempted this before. No idea what to expect.

People ask me all the time – why do I run? Many reasons. Here’s one.

I am one of the best versions of me when I run. I run because I can. I run to be me. What is a best version of myself, what do I feel like when I run?

Resilient, Powerful, Comfortable in my own skin, Proud, Clear, Creative, Compassionate, Open, Curious, Possible, Confident, Light, Strong, Learning, Lucky, Grounded, Conscious, Aware, Focused, Engaged, Determined, Chin up, Free, Vulnerable, Real, Inspired, Playful, Peaceful,Present, Connected to myself and others, Challenged, Grateful.

(Not all at all times of course, even just one is amazing)

I also get asked, or inquired, that it must be easy, do I love it, I’ve done so many halfs it must be easy.

Nope. It isn’t easy. And frankly, it wouldn’t be worth what it is if it was. I have to put in the hard work to train, I have to put in the focus to take each step, I choose to be resilient to days or steps when it doesn’t feel good, whether mentally or physically. And, like many, I believe that growth often comes from pushing our edge, being outside our comfort zone. And so, I know I’m likely growing when I’m running because I’m often outside my comfort zone while running – training or a race. If you hooked up a computer to my thoughts during a half, it’s a journey to be sure. There are miles, and sometimes only steps, that feel effortless, like I’m flying, like – yes – it’s easy. And then there are steps and miles that I have to will myself, or focus or reconnect or push myself. And it becomes a triumph. And, one of the goals many people embrace is the idea of loving what you do in tandem with knowing the growth comes from the edge of your comfort zone. Running for me is the perfect combination of that – and that’s another reason why I love it. That’s why I continue to do it.

Why three in the next four weekends?

This is a first, an experiment. And for some, this may be no biggee. Maybe those combined miles are a week total. But this is a big push for my body. Sure, part of it is to see the cities I get to race in and the friends I have there and then oops, looks like they’re all scheduled right together! And so I embraced that because I am, in fact, curious as to what my body can do now. It’s the strongest it’s ever felt and also the most pushed it’s ever been. I’m not going to be making any bad unconscious decisions for my body over the next month but I am up for the challenge, no matter the finish times. That’s almost inconsequential. I am feeling curious and open to whatever unfolds on these three very different courses and over the next month. It’s a try, a why not, a leap, an adventure. And can’t wait to gather stories, connect with people and participate/engage in one helluv an experience.

So, with a sleep deprived body (of course, it’s NYC, as it should be), a strained right calf and a whole lotta curious nerves, I head out for half marathon #41.

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