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"Happiness does not come from having much, but from being attached to little." ~Cheng Yen


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Also known as, never give up.

BOO YAH BABY! That. Was. Amazing.

*That’s how to do a little homecoming to the city of your birth!

*That’s how to close out your 2015 ‪#‎halfmarathon‬ race schedule!

*That’s* how to finish out being Road Runner Sports Runner of the Month for October – last day of the month!

*My 4th best finish *EVER* in 43 half marathons. WHAT THE WHAT? Yup. My very first Rock n Roll half happened to be here in Philadelphia, 5 years ago. It was just my 3rd half race so far. Five years ago, I didn’t have ‘a’ shoe I was running in, didn’t know much about running or training, was just trying to see if it was possible for me to not only rise again after being told I’d never run again, but push further and run a few races in one calendar year, maybe prove a few people wrong about me. Didn’t know much about race day prep, pacing, momentum, nerves or how powerful not only a finishline is, but a starting line too. And so today was a race I was super excited about. I was born here. And seeing if maybe, just maybe, I could beat that great-for-a-beginner-not-knowing-WTH-they-were-doing with a time of 1:51:02. Been a while since I broke 1:50 or come anywhere near my PR. Well. Not only did I beat my 2010 RnRPhily time, I friggin smashed it: 1:46:44 BABY! Thank you RnRPhilly, for a course, a race and a homecoming that just lifted me WAY up to tackle this odyssey and get to my goal of 50 halfs next year.

*Haven’t run that fast since May of 2011. So there’s that. 2011.

*Five years older from race #3, but 40 races later, am nearly five minutes *faster*. (that’s a lot, my non-running friends!)

Here’s some possible factors:
*Run dork alert: gym to myself this morning at some ungodly hour, started playing “Gonna Fly Now” as loud as possible and danced around the gym like a laughing my ass off dork. And then, it got serious. Cause, well, you kinda have no choice but to do your own sports training montage when you have a ballroom sized gym to yourself and Rocky is playing in your ears. And so I did. God bless no cameras, right? 😉

*I dare you to play that song anytime you need a boost and not feel something!

*Every race morning shall now begin with a “Gonna Fly Now” sports-training-montage warmup!

*So freakin cold along the Schuylkill river (apparently my dad called it Surekill river. Really? Nice. Although he did “show up” with me along this course like he does occasionally), more than once I thought “run faster, so you can finish and put some more clothes on.” Seriously, it worked a little. I have more clothes on now.

*Beautiful historic grand-feeling course, beautiful fall day with leaves turning gold, red and copper everwhere. The crew house row, I remember that from 2010. Amazing. The river course. Do it if you can. But the first three miles through the crowded streets of Philadelphia? Oh my. History everwhere. Grand, beautiful and epic.

*The stories we tell ourselves. Why this race, this fast? I dunno. I honestly wasn’t expecting it given sleep deprivation and time zone issues and some stress. Blah blah blah. These are the stories we tell ourselves. This that and the other. Along the course, deciding to make sure I left everything I had on it, I dug deeeeep, deeper than I have before. I’m not taking this one for granted, I want to really see what’s possible. There’ve been times I’ve held myself back on a course, for various reasons. This time, no, no race coming up I need to preserve for or not get injured or whatever. Body felt great, even if muscles a bit cold at times. There were moments I was quite sluggish due to the cold, almost like running in molasses. Comical. I would channel that inner badass, engage my core and lift up out of my heels, out of the sluggishness. Wasn’t easy and wasn’t going to let this one go by without a full out effort. And it made a difference. A BIG difference. Yeah, I still got it. Or maybe I got something new.

*Maybe seeing the Rocky steps before the race inspired?

*Maybe cause I was born here?

*Handwarmers are awesome in your gloves for the first few miles.

*New better shoes? Love you Newton!

*I wore my black hat. Maybe I will start wearing that again. It’s the run faster races.
*I wear a necklace that, in Sanskrit, says “Fearlessness” almost every race. That will continue.

*The fall in the pitch black bedroom off a stability ball into a wall seemed to either do no harm or be the thing. I will not recreate that.

*Oh yeah, I just did THREE halfs in FOUR weeks. Hmm. (Maybe there’s something to this. Hahaha, I just thought “hmm, maybe I could do this for a living!” and then “I wish!”)

*Trending: people supporting the race, cheering me at the finish line as in Brooklyn: Brian (Go Team RWB!), Denver: Dawn & Bill and Philly: Mom. Soooooo, how many of you are coming out for the “last” seven? 😉

*I knew the sign was out there somewhere… (God bless you, Dawn, you have started something fun and special for these races!)

*I had “G-Love” printed on my bib.

*Again, start the race with a Serenity prayer and let go.

*I never once saw a clock, not even at the end. And, heard my watch clicking off the miles but for some mental reason, decided not to check. When I crossed the finish line, I almost passed out from shock. And exertion. Perhaps no clocks is good for me?

Post race thoughts:
*I’m so freakin sore but it’s so worth it. It feels so so good.

*I will wear my “Brooklyn to Philldelphia” Rock and Roll hoodie with pride!!!

*Finishing this whole thing listening to Andy Grammar’s “Hallelujah” is rocking. Good to be alive, right about now, indeed.

*Incredible way to the end year of racing – and firing me up, I don’t want to wait 2.5 months for another race! (although I am NOT sad about NOT having a 4am or earlier wakeup call for a bit)

*10 min massage post race – never stood in line for that before. Um. ‪#‎worthit‬
*Ankle, kicked myself, which I normally do, but not like this! Inside left ankle is purple-black, looks ugly and angry. That’s NOT a photo I’m sharing.

*Had my finish time engraved on my medal. I’ve done that exactly one other time, my PR. This seemed pretty important and appropriate to honor this one with that.

*Currently kinda makes me feel like ok, life, you want piece o’ this? Come and get it. Ready baby! Let’s go! (um, with compassion too please! smile emoticon seriously, that’s how I run!)

*Encouraged a security girl, born and raised in Philly, single mom of two girls, to do a race (and have her girls get involved with Girls On The Run when they’re old enough!) – she said my enthusiasm and the love of runners for runners was super contagious. That’s how we roll!

*I’m getting my run coach certification. I really really really want to help others.
*God I needed this. Didn’t realize how much until it happened. Thank you! And. Yes! And. More please!


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