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PostHeaderIcon Inspiration for 1st 2013 race!

Got to check your “others” box in your Facebook messages folder. Then you might find a gem like this that I just did a week ago. You never know what kind of impact you’re having on other people and this sent me over the moon and has absolutely inspired me for this April 7, 2013 race here in SF. The same course as three years ago which started this whole journey that’s culminated in 23 (25 lifetime) half marathons in three years. Perfect timing to find this. Plus it just confirms how much I love the Rock N Roll Marathon Series!

“LA Rock n Roll half Marathon 🙂

i wanted to thank you for pulling me through the race!!:) Thank you soo much..

this was my first half marathon and i actually wanted to follow those pacers, but in our corral there was no one, so after the first mile i saw, that you ran a strong minded pace. You looked professional, very determined and i somehow knew, that if i can keep up with you, i will reach my goal :))
i fell behind at the up hill stretch at the bridge but you pulled and paced me until then, and made my first marathon experience a unforgetable event.
i ran 1:53:30 and beat my goal by 7 min:) THAANK YOU SOOO MUCH

Greets and congratulations to you too.

If you wonder now, how i found you on facebook:)
i wanted to thank you after the race but couldn’t find you. a friend of mine, took a video when we ran back up the stretch next to la live. and through the video i saw your race number, typed it in the “la-rock n roll” website and got your name. what would the world be w/out facebook:)”