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January 2018
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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


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So apparently it’s an adjustment for me from this sugar thing. No problem on ixnaying alcohol to purify the system before half #30. But sugar really is a craving that takes over. Oh, just finish that and then it won’t be in the house anymore. Right. Yeah, right, I crave salty things way more. Ok, I do crave salty food but clearly the sugar has got a hold of me.

And it’s SO bad for me! There’s the energy rush and crash. There’s also the inflammation from it all. My body does not respond well to inflammation and that’s a problem. Therefore, it’s not just a health thing for me to bad on sugar, it’s a quality of life issue too! I don’t know if it was because I know I’m giving it up or what, but wow, what a craving! Went through a bunch of sugar last night. But. The good news is, it’s out of the house and the motivation is in gear for this next race.

The route is so different from the last year, so at least there’s issue with boredom. Really, it will be about how well I’ve prepared both in physical training as well as nutrition. I want to really enjoy this race, and yes, partially that means having a strong race, a strong finish and awesome finish time. It also means enjoying it along the way, body strong and healthy and mind present and having fun in the moment. That’s key for me. I am over it being a push, a grind, a grit-it-out to show how tough I am. I’m blessedly tough, of that I am sure. And now, it’s time to enjoy these races in a different way. Cause I have a feeling that actually will shave time off on it’s own.

So again, sugar goes. As I’m writing today, it’s been a much better day. And every day you can begin again. So today, I begin again no sugar and plan to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of it.



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