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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon ACK the recovery

What a weird journey since this last half marathon. My calves have seized in a way I have never experienced before and I have wobbled a bit in the whole process of recovering from that. All I ever really want to do is run well. And enjoy it. And feel great doing it. When that doesn’t happen, and it’s part of your daily life, it can be a little strange to say the least.

In the last week I have KT taped my calves (right calve currently sporting a festive red tape), iced them, lathered them in Traumeel, foam rolled them, Stick‘d them (oh the pain!), stretched them, taken arnica pellets, taken Aleve, tried an epsom salt bath and rested them. And rested them. And rested them.

All rest and no run make for a squirrelly girl. And mind. Restless.

Scared to do much of anything other than rest and worried each day that with every passing moment I’m not truly recovering, in that I’m not taking my small runs, my gingerly runs and not instantly getting back up to race mode. Am I losing foundation? Speed? Muscle tone or memory? I know it’s only a week, but it could be two weeks of basically no running until running a full half again. Huh? Seems like not a good idea. And even doing other things, like sun salutations with downward dogs or squats and lunges or pilates mat work or any number of other movements I could be embarking on a workout with seem a little nervewracking, like I’m hesitant to really go for it. Don’t want to tweak it worse and make the small amounts of noticeable healing take a giant step backwards.

Now, if I didn’t have another race to do, I’d probably walk a lot, work out other ways and go find a gym to rat out at but because I don’t want to incur any further issues I’m taking it WAY easy. And then THAT in an of itself seems weird.

And then I read article after article that says I should wait four weeks in between races. Well yeah, that sounds great. Ideal even, but race calendars don’t always support that notion and I’m nothing if not determined. And sure, admittedly, kinda makes me feel like a badass when I read that and realize how many times I’ve done two or three weeks only in between half races. And then I wonder if really it’s foolish instead of badassery?

So here I sit. Just a few days away from another half, and having only just finished one 10 days ago. Not so bad, right? It really is a testament to my dedication to running and all things moving the body that I’m so acutely aware and also curiosu about how to do it better. Always willing to tweak. I don’t think I’ve ever had a training or a race where I didn’t know I could try something different or could’ve adjusted somewhere or felt 111% ready and perfect to go. I don’t mind that. Or as I like to review Eric Hoffer’s quote: “In times of change learners inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” I’m nothing if not always learning and reaching for more.

I’ll work out tonight, nurturing the body as it continues it’s healing. And tomorrow I will run again as I would anyway and I’m wondering how it will feel a few days out. And then I will rest for a few days before heading to Savannah. And I will wait until that race is over to decide how I will embrace preparation for and my goals around a half in Austin a blessed five weeks later.

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