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"Don't let your happiness depend on something you may lose." ~C. S. Lewis


PostHeaderIcon A little change makes a big difference

Newton. Newton Newton Newton. Gotta love ya. You got me into the mess, you got me out of the mess.

The searing calf pain that nearly dropped me had me trying everything but the kitchen sink to alleviate the pain and discomfort. While at the expo in Savannah, I picked up a TENS portable massage unit and stuck those all over my legs to unfurl the muscles. That may have done a major part of the healing, and the night before the race.

But it was also the shoes – I ran into Josh at the Newton booth in Savannah. Moreover, he remembered me towards the end of the conversation from meeting him and Nick at the Newton booth in Miami in December 2011. It dawned on him that I was the same woman who was finishing my 11 in ’11 project when we met. And that’s when I bought my first MV2s!

We spoke at length about the MV2 and 3 and how they’re not actually great for more than a 10k. Things that would have been helpful to know a long time ago. I probably read it and ignored it, the desire in wanting to wear them so much blocking that part out. Then we spoke about the new distance elite coming out that pairs the soul of the gravity with the upper of the MV shoe. ABOUT TIME!

Beyond excited for the new shoe, needless to say. But as we were finishing up our conversation, I straight up asked him – I have my brand new never run in distance u’s with me, wearing them around now, as well as the MV3 that my calves are still screaming from. Which ones should I wear? Without hesitation, the distance u. Wow. Even though I haven’t run in them yet? Even though. For that distance, way more support for the foot and leg as a whole.

I felt like I just learned a new skill, something I couldn’t wait to go out and try. I felt lighter, more assured, excited to try the race. And yet of course, still nervous. But I had a plan, I had a way to literally move forward and with expert advice to boot! Gaining that knowledge from someone I trust, from a company I trust made a huge difference – the helpless feeling I had evaporated and I couldn’t wait to walk around some more, get more inspired, eat a good lunch. And then, get back to the hotel room, put my feet up and let go of all expectations for the next morning’s race…

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